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  • Why Choose FMB?
  • Why three different options?
  • How does the INSTANT £199 work?
  • How does HYBRID £699 work?
  • How does the FULL ESTATE AGENCY £899 work?
  • Why use an FMB account?
  • Does FMB cover viewings?
  • Who values my home?
  • Are you the cheapest?
  • Why use Facebook sponsored Ads
Why Choose FMB?

Started in 2006, we are family run high street Estate & Letting agency but with a new twist, we are property experts with over 20 years experience with our mission to give our clients the very best in service with the objective of getting the best price for their property.

FMB wil take care of all negotiations regardless of package taken and will provide feedback by viewers if this taken over the telephone and update your FMB account that you can access 24/7.

Why three different options?

The estate agency and digital world are rapidly changing, along with how buyer and sellers interact.  Sellers and buyers all come with different experiences and knowledge so we have adapted to suit all needs and requirements.  We deal with customers who know exactly what they want and are technically minded to those that still look for the traditional estate agency service where human contact and guidence is paramount. 

FMB want to cover all bases with our new digital and estate agency website but give you the comfort and knowledge to know we will still be only a phone call away and we still handle the negotiations for you.

So whether you are confident in uploading your own property or wanting the more personel touch FMB offer it all.

How does the INSTANT £199 work?

FMB is using the most up to date technology to bring the new digital services to our clients in which a property can be uploaded at any time via our website directly by you. You can also choose additional extras from professional photographs to property videos to help boost your property listing and give your property the best chance of being noticed by buyers, these extras are not compulsary and you can add these extras later on if you wish.

FMB will check and verify you property listings (this includes Anti-Money Laundering and verification checks) and will then market the property for sale on our own website, zoopla and primelocation not to mention also on our FMB social media page for buyers to see. You will have access to your own FMB account where you can check on how many people have viewed your property, how many schedule and home reports downloaded and access viewing requests and feedback 24/7 from your FMB account.

Your are required to upload at least one picture of your property and to provide a description which FMB will check, you MUST also have a home report for the property to successfully upload your advert, FMB will check all documents prior to approval.

With this package there is NO CONTRACT between us and the home owner so you can market your home with us if you are on with another agent but be aware other agents may contract you to pay them regardless who selles the property

How does HYBRID £699 work?

The hybrid option is the full estate agency package but the FEE is paid upfront with no commission or sale fee paid at the end of the sale.  This fee also includes professional photographs, video, floorplans, for sale sign and marketing on the FMB website including zoopla, primelocation and our facebook with no hidden extras or cost.  You will have access to your FMB account where you can accept viewing requests, see feedback and property statistics. This is a three month contract giving you peace of mind that every extra is included in the price.

How does the FULL ESTATE AGENCY £899 work?

Like our hybrid option the full estate agency offers all the extras you would expect from your high street estate agent.  However our PAY ON COMPLETION means that you pay your FIXED SALES FEE at the end of the sale and there is no upfront fee to advertise your property.  This package also includes all marketing on third party websites, property video and floorplan (video and floorplan only available in Montrose & surrounding area) included in this price. 

This is a three month contract in which there may be a cancellation fee to recover the costs of the For Sale sign & video and floorplan should you wish to not progress with the sale.

Why use an FMB account?

We all have busy lives and the biggest downfall for most agents is lack of information to their client.  We want to provide you with as much information as possible and all under one account where you can access this 24/7 and when convenient to you.  

If you are selling you will have access to how many people have viewed your property, accessed your home report or downloaded your schedule in real time.  You will get viewing notifications direct to your email asking you to check your FMB account to accept/reject viewings, you will get automated feedback from viewers that you can access wherever you are.

You can also upload your property using the Instant plan and will get notification when your property has gone live (after all necessary checks are completed).

Want to change your price?  Well you can all from your FMB account giving you maximum control over your property.

Does FMB cover viewings?

FMB provides a viewing service using a third party company that provides accompanied viewings throughout the UK, their friendly professional viewers have been vetted ensuring your viewings are conducted to the highest standard, the cost is £300 per 10 visits with each visit able to accommodate two 15 minute viewings.  This means that you could have up to 20 viewings giving your property the best chance of securing a sale and giving you value for money.

Of course most clients will do there own viewings and we can provide tips and hints to make you feel more confident in carrying this out but should you wish for accompanies viewings get in touch.

Who values my home?

Most estate agents (including FMB) will provide you with a rough estimate on the value of your property based on similar properties that have sold in your area. However, regardless of the Estate Agents valuation the Home Report issued by a qualified surveyor will provide you with a written value of your property that the buyer may use for mortgage purposes.

If you are definitely selling your property a home report will have to be instructed giving you this information and what the value of the home report states is what we recommend to market at. However we would recommend advertising the property a few thousand less to generate interest.

However FMB are on hand to help and provide further assistance and you can call us on 01674 671859 to discuss the home report and value further.

Are you the cheapest?

We are unsure if we are the cheapest but we know we are one of the most competitive and with our new website giving you three different packages we think we are one of the most forward thinking estate agents out there.

We know that the best known Hybrid estate agents now charge a minimum of £999 for their upfront fee with there no sale no fee on one popular site is sitting at £1999 with viewings costing £300 for unlimited viewings. So yup we think we are competitive.

Why use Facebook sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads are a great way to target a specific geographic, for instance if you are selling a one bedroom top floor apartment targeting over 65's or those with your families may be a waste of an ad as this property may not meet the buyers needs.  So again we have teamed up with a third party company that uses advanced Bright Targeting system to ensure that the right buyers are targeted.  Their AI identifies the correct audience and matches our ads with the right crowd, ads can be run on a 9, 12 & 15 day sponsored ad which is constantly analysed to ensure you get the best results.

Any estate agency can create and sponsor an ad but it is how the ad is utlilised is the key.